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The Rise of Conspiracy Theories in U.S. Politics

How Conspiracy Theorists Have Tapped Into Race and Racism to Further Their Message
Experts weigh in on the intersection of conspiracy theorism and racism, and how outlets including InfoWars have fanned the flames.
July 28, 2020
Alex Jones and Donald Trump: How the Candidate Echoed the Conspiracy Theorist on the Campaign Trail
A sequence from a new FRONTLINE documentary shows how Trump adopted Jones’ claims – sometimes “verbatim,” a former InfoWars staffer says.
July 28, 2020
"To climb out of poverty, it's probably a really hard struggle, but I think it is possible and that I hope I really try my best to."
SHAWN, 13, on growing up in poverty

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4 FRONTLINE Documentaries to Watch on Tonight’s Presidential Debate Topics
From the coronavirus to the Supreme Court, watch these FRONTLINE documentaries for context on four key subjects that are slated for discussion in the presidential debate.
September 29, 2020
FRONTLINE (PBS) Wins Four News & Documentary Emmy Awards
FRONTLINE has been honored with four 2020 News & Documentary Emmy Awards.
September 23, 2020
The FRONTLINE Dispatch presents: The Choice 2020: Trump vs. Biden
In this special audio presentation, FRONTLINE shares a podcast version of The Choice 2020: Trump vs. Biden, a new documentary interweaving investigative biographies of the two main-party presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, with a focus on how they have responded in moments of political and personal crisis.
September 23, 2020
Behind ‘The Choice’: How We Filmed 47 Interviews in a Pandemic
FRONTLINE shares a behind-the-scenes look at how filmmakers conducted 47 remote interviews for "The Choice 2020: Trump vs. Biden" against the backdrop of COVID-19.
September 22, 2020
TONIGHT: "The Choice 2020: Trump vs. Biden"
In the run-up to every presidential election since 1988, we have presented "The Choice," a documentary featuring interwoven biographies of the two major-party candidates. Each election cycle, the candidates have had their own unique themes. This year, there is no question: The theme is crisis.
September 22, 2020
Biden’s Stutter: How a Childhood Battle Shaped His Approach to Life & Politics
“So much of who he is comes back to that,” journalist Jeanne Marie Laskas says of Biden's stutter in "The Choice 2020: Trump vs. Biden."
September 22, 2020
Trump the 'Bully': How Childhood & Military School Shaped the Future President
“Donald Trump yelled at his classmates. He pushed them around. … He ruled dormitory life with an iron fist,” Trump biographer Marc Fisher says in "The Choice 2020: Trump vs. Biden."
September 22, 2020
Making "The Choice"
Before America votes, what can Biden and Trump’s responses to past crises — both personal and political — tell us about how they might lead the United States through a time of national turbulence? 
September 22, 2020