Angel on Death Row

Examining the Death Penalty on the World Wide Web

The vast majority of Web sites are produced by opponents of the death penalty. Many are not kept up-to-date. And they often offer the same links. That said, here are some worthwhile ones:

Amnesty International-Death Penalty
Offers information on the newest campaign to end the death penalty (launched in March 1996) and a good index for reading recent Supreme Court death penalty decisions.

American Civil Liberties Union
Another obvious place for opponents to hook up. It is generally up-to-date, with information on the latest threats to Habeas Corpus, new federal death penalty legislation and the newsletter 'The ACLU Abolitionist.'

Court TV Law Library
This site offers Congressional statutes for which federal crimes warrant capital punishment and statistics on the death penalty. There's also a Legal Times article about why the right to habeas corpus appeals for death row inmates must be preserved.

Death Penalty; Capital Punishment; Ethics; Punishment
An interesting site. It contains some historical/philosophical readings for thinking about the death penalty such as a 1955 paper on 'punishment' by moral philosopher John Rawls and the text of John Stuart Mill's 1868 speech before Parliament in favor of capital punishment.

Death Penalty
Features the Department of Justice's statistics from 1977 to 1995 on capital punishment: how its applied in different states; yearly number of executions and death row populations; breakdown by race, crime, etc.)

Moratorium 2000
Home of the Moratorium 2000 campaign, a global petition drive calling for a moratorium on the death penalty. It includes links to current news items concerning the anti-death penalty movement and information about Moratorium 2000 events. Sister Helen Prejean is the Honorary Chair of the organization and her comments are posted on the site.

More about Sister Helen Prejean: In this SALON interview by Marc Bruno, Sister Prejean talks about the condemned men who inspired her book "Dead Man Walking."


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