What do you think about the shadowy side of international business — multinational companies that make secret payments to win billions in contracts?

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Black Money barely scratches the surface of the issue of how the Military-Industrial complex, and the power behind the money which flows worldwide to fund it, actually works in the symptom - corruption and bribery - you have exposed with this report. It is just the symptom of the underlying power structure that is actually there and your report reinforces this, possibly unwittingly. Dig deeper.

This is a good story and a good start, but you have to understand the message of Carroll Quigley's book Tragedy & Hope to understand how this all interrelates. For a summary of this book, see another book The Naked Capitalist by W. Cleon Skousen - as if you have not already seen it. The answer is in there.

Dallas, TX


I can't believe I watched a whole hour about business bribery in the Kindom of Saudi Arabia. For real? When you give your client baseball tickets, what's that? How do we pay thousands of dollars for tickets to Yankee and Met games?? We overcharge the customers, that's how, and we give the tickets to their employees who permit us to do so, as a reward for letting us overcharge them.

How do we get our Congressman's attention? We bribe them, with contributions, jobs for family members, and in Billy Tauzin's case, a nice lobbying job for the American pharma industry, his reward for an 8 trillion dollar Medicare windfall, Plan D they call it, that he personally jammed through Congress in 2004. So Bandar is right, he knows all about our own problems. What's a few fighter jets for the Saudis, after all, they just decorate runways in the desert, and we do need to get back some of our oil money don't we? Not to mention, Bandar bin Sultan is about the best friend we've got over there, and if his dad and his uncle want him to have an Airbus, everybody's happy. Except you guys. With oil at $50. a barrel, don't worry, be happy!

Tom Conway
Atco, NJ


Why is a former director of the FBI defending a Saudi prince?

Joseph Clark
columbia, sC

FRONTLINE's editors respond:

Watch more of Freeh's interview.

posted april 7, 2009

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