the card game

Press Reaction

Eric Mink, The New York Times

This latest look at the questionable practices of the American credit card industry has two important things going for it: briskly paced content with a high outrage quotient and casting that draws clear distinctions between good guys and bad guys.

Verne Gay, Newsday

… the program bores down to the hard cold truth … muckraking journalism at its best.

Mark Feeney, The Boston Globe

If The Card Game feels a bit superficial and reductive, that may be because politics, economics, and business are its focus. What’s missing is a strong dose of anthropology.

Alan Pergament, The Buffalo News

It is must-see TV for anyone who plans to finance the holidays on credit.

Joe Amarante, New Haven Register

… [the] special smartly goes further than just credit cards, taking a worthy look at debit cards … and payday lenders … if this is ultimately a case of buyer beware, then consumers should see this special …

Dave Shiflett,

Just in time for your holiday spending binge, PBS shines a bright light on the credit-card monster.

Brad Tuttle, "It's Your Money",

Every consumer is sure to get some insight -- and a decent amount of outrage -- while watching [this] FRONTLINE special.

Cynthia Fuchs,

While The Card Game doesn't point out exactly who is in bed with whom inside this system, it makes clear that none of it is changing in the near future.

posted november 24, 2009

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