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    • "HOW DID YOU DO THAT?..." To illustrate the point that Yahoo in many ways has become the 'Times Square' of the Internet (and therefore is an excellent spot to position an ad), the producers of "High Stakes in Cyberspace" went to Times Square and displayed the video of correspondent Robert Krulwich talking onto the gigantic 750 square-foot Sony Jumbotron tv screen which overlooked the Square. It was the first and the last time this was ever done for a tv program. The Jumbotron, a glitzy Times Square feature for six years, was turned off in June 1996 as a cost-saving measure by Sony.
      From Producers Martin Koughan and Frank Koughan

    • "PEOPLE ASK ME..." (in RealAudio) Correspondent Robert Krulwich answers some of the questions he's been asked about this FRONTLINE report on the investments companies are making in cyber-commerce online services.
      From Correspondent Robert Krulwich

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