E D I T O R S ' I N T R O D U C T I O N

This FRONTLINE Website for "High Stakes in Cyberspace" maps the dreams for the Internet. It's about how marketers, advertisers and visionaries view this revolution in mass communication.

Since our program was first broadcast in October 1995 the astounding growth of the Web has been just as "CYBERTHINKERS" like Paul Saffo, Stewart Brand and Jim Clark predicted. Much of what they told FRONTLINE couldn't fit our broadcast report (there were 1500 pages of interviews for the documentary)....so we're happy we can present the fuller interviews here.

In addition, this Web site offers a range of READINGS-(including a link to a book on cyberspace simultaneously published in hardcover and online) and, under LINK-UP, there are jumping off points for exploring electronic rights and privacy issues.

We hope you enjoy checking out this material and value your FEEDBACK on what you think about the program and this Website.

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