The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan

Press Reaction

Joel Brown, The Boston Globe

“‘The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan’ on PBS sounds like a heartwarming documentary, but unfortunately the lives of these juvenile entertainers is anything but. The ‘Frontline’ investigation illuminates one more dark corner of that tragic country’s soul. … [Reporter Najibullah Quraishi], who also reported for ‘Frontline’ on ‘Behind Taliban Lines,’ is courageous and crafty.”

John Doyle, The Globe and Mail (Canada)

“The program … really makes you wonder about the country, and the post-Taliban Afghanistan we have sent our soldiers to help create and to protect. … It’s a powerful program, made without faltering into the lurid. It compels us to judge good and evil and, frankly, the overriding emotion it evokes is disgust.”


posted april 20, 2010

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