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Do you think the world will ever be capable of acting decisively to stop massive crimes against humanity? What will it take?


The reason that the U.S. cannot intervene or pressure the Chinese to stop Darfur is because both governments support states that are gross human rights violators. The U.S. supports Israel and allows Israel to have a free hand in dealing with the Palestinians and commit human rights violations. The U.S. cannot pressure China because they both decide not to interfere in the affairs of their allies.

Dan C
Baltimore, MD


Is anyone really surprised that the U.N. is incapable of dealing with this latest genocidal tragedy? History demonstrates that, as long as third world nations such as Sudan -- the vast majority of which are incapable of responsible self-governance --have any say in the matter, nothing will ever get done at the U.N. The only solution to this problem is unilateral intervention by the United States and/or NATO. The real question is whether we and our European allies have the political will to intervene as we did in the Balkans. Shame on us if we don't.

Joe Hood
El Paso, Texas


As long as greed exists at the political level human rights will be violated for the sake of profit. This is the ugly truth, and it sickens me. All we can do is to support humanitarian organizations that provide relief to the afflicted, and display our vocal outrage at genocide and such atrocities.

A. S.
Los Angeles, CA


The only word that describes what I just saw on your program is: DISGUSTING. When will we learn to get along? When will man's inhumanity to man cease? As a species, our evolution still has a long way to go.

Glendale, AZ


DThe scope of the atrocity that has been allowed to be perpetrated is disgusting and shameful. In the name of acquisition of material wealth, the powers of the world have turned their backs on genocide, rape, and the displacement and disenfranchisement of millions of people. We as citizens of the world must place the call to our leaders for greater activism on behalf of the Sudanese people and people forced to endure atrocity the world over; as educated consumers we have the ability to make our voices heard through application of our consumer dollars and through boycotting and spreading the word, that others might join in this mode of protesting.

Tucson, Arizona


Can we not form a Private Military to save these victims of a very cruel world? What is necessary to Legal represent the victims who cannot defend themselves? There is the Geneva convention, War Crimes, Humanatarian Watch dog groups. What can a body collective do, to stop this now?

How can an individual contribute to make a difference of lasting impact to end this Genocide now? Television is a medium, but obviously, it is not the catalyst to a solution it was hoped to be. Of all the intellects around the globe, Billionaires who can serve a greater good for the human race, Rally together people! The time is now. There is no tomorrow for most of those people of Darfur.

Kudos to Mia Farrow! Boycott the Sudan and the Chinese.

Chandler, Arizona


I know looking at Darfur and Sudan from the outside, I may not have a full understanding of what is really happening. From watching the Frontline program and reading the information online, Sudan is getting money from China for oil, there are rebels trying to get money (a share of the riches) from the Sudan government and the Janjeweed (funded by the government) are killing up the farmers and other citzens in the Darfur region, to include crossing into Chad where people have fled over the borders.

That is very shameful, it makes me want to cry that a human life is less important than oil and money, and all these government officals in Sudan, China and around the world, the UN and the people who can do something about this are allowing this corruption and the ill effects to kill innocent people who just want a better way of life.

Al Cole
Detroit, Michigan


After watching the program on PBS tonight, I was really surprised about how little action the UN appears to have taken to quickly end the atrocities in Darfur. Regardless of the political connections that Sudan may have with allies such as China, there must be a more efficient way of moving the UN to action. If the UN cannot move swiftly to halt atrocities such as that occurring in Darfur, than I would agree with the view that the UN is completely useless.

I am outraged by the ease with which Abdelmahmood Abdelhaleem completely dismisses the rapes/killings in Darfur as simply being blown out of proportion. I read the entire interview with him, and am shocked that he has the nerve to defend the Sudanese government against all wrongdoing by saying that the rest of the world is just "misinformed". The world has evidence, yet he denies everything presented to him. I am sad that there are people in this world with such selfish disregard for honor.

Chicago, IL


I wish the topic of Darfur would be asked to the Presidential Candidate's at all there forums, instead of the bad mouthing of other candidate's.

Sandee Knight
Waterford, Michigan


For me at least it hard to understand how with all the worlds military might, the people of Darfur end up being left to fend for themselves. After reading the commentary of the panel of expert's one thing tome stands out. No one was ready to take decisive action to end the slaughter. Maybe we did not learn as much from the Holocaust as was thought.

William Carter
Harrisburg, Pa.


After being riveted to the show this evening, and praying to wake up to any further actions i could take and insist others take,I was reminded of someone's comment, that we had not reached our capacity as a species to deal with the constant media reminders of our own atrocities.Trying on this possible justification, i flipped the channel just in time to be invited by a national department store chain to get an early start on my holiday shopping at 4AM Friday morning.Thanks again for the wake up call to action.

janice c
rochester, ny


I teach a course titled Genocide Studies to high school students. Since April 2006 when five students and I went to the rally in Washington, my school has been involved in raising money and promoting awareness in our community about Darfur.

Last spring we held a Rock Darfur concert and raised a couple thousand dollars that we donated to the Darfur Rehabilitation Project. We felt so positive that our actions would help. But it was so hard to watch On Our Watch and not feel hopeless. Every time I think I have seen and heard the worst that humanity can perpetrate on itself (I've been to Auschwitz), a new level of horror and brutality is inflicted on someone somewhere.

What do I say to my sudents after they have seen On Our Watch?

South Plainfield, New Jersey


What can be done will be done. I wish it was so much more. Words can not begin to describe what the people of Darfur have lost. Shame on the world. Shame on world leaders. Shame on the UN. I am embarrassed that this has happen in my life time. I want to do more to help and I will.

Sylva , North Carolina


Shame on the U.N., Shame on the US government for their consistent refusal to help the people of Darfur. Once again, major world leaders kneel down before the false gods of money and oil. It's disgusting how we allow this to continue.

Pittsburgh, PA

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posted november 20, 2007

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