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K G Niknejad responds to Douglas Rushkoff


Kelly Niknejad

Whatever the downside, it's dwarfed by the positive in my opinion.
Let's take the example of the occasional fake video. During the early
stages of the post-election crackdown, I came across a clip not very
different from the real ones streaming in from the protests that day.
Our webmaster quickly wrote back to tell me he wasn't going to post it
because it had been in circulation several months earlier. I did get a
little angry, mostly at myself though. I took it as a wake up call and
tried to be a more discerning news consumer. It also helped gear me up
for the misinformation campaign that was under way. If it had that
effect on me, I'm sure it did on many others. In a way, I think the
internet has made us all more sophisticated.

In terms of the superficial aspect of the internet, I think it
parallels the real world to some extent. Most interactions are on the
surface. There are other occasions when you engage in a more
meaningful way with someone or a group of people. But how often does
that happen? The internet multiplies the interactions and increases
the chances of both types of engagement.

posted February 2, 2010

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