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How Google Saved A School

Two years ago, this middle school was at risk of being shut down by the city. Today it's a success story. What happened?

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IS 339

Principal Jason Levy used Google applications and a one-to-one laptop program to turn around Intermediate School 339. How did they get there?

a quote from jason levy  


August: Jason Levy is hired as principal of IS 339.

Levy applies for a laptop grant.


Summer: IS 339 is granted laptops through the New York City Deptartment of Education's iTeachiLearn program.

March: Only 9% of students meet grade level in math testing, and 21% in English language arts (ELA). The school receives a 'D' grade on a progress report administered by the city.

March: IS 339 is placed on New York State's list of Schools Under Registration Review (SURR list).


September: Teachers and 6th-grade students receive laptops and training. The laptop grant will phase in laptops and other technologies over a three-year period, with one grade receiving laptops in each ensuing year.

ELA instructor Jennifer Johns begins teaching at IS 339.

March: 23% of students meet grade level in math testing. The school receives a 'C' grade on the city's annual progress report.

May 1: Jason Levy starts an online Wiki page for school announcements.

  a quote from jason levy
a quote from jason levy  


September: IS 339 integrates Gmail and Google Apps into standard practice. Every staff member starts the new school year with their own Gmail account, and many begin using Google Docs and spreadsheets in their lessons.

IS 339 does not receive additional laptops this year.

March: 47% of students meet grade level in math this year, and the school receives a 'B' grade in the city's annual progress report.


September: IS 339 receives remaining laptops and goes fully one-to-one.

March: 62 percent meet grade level in math, and 40 percent in ELA. IS 339 is removed from the SURR list.

June 9: IS 339 teachers and students showcase their learning methods online and at the school at the first annual Dot-to-Dot: A Global Learning Reception.

  a quote from jason levy


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posted February 2, 2010

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