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Waging War The changing nature of warfare in the 21st century.


Rough Cut

Taking out the Taliban; Home for Dinner

For these Air Force pilots, the front line of the war in Afghanistan is right here, at a base less than an hour from Las Vegas.
What effect does remote war have on those at the controllers? P.W. Singer is the author o...
Predator Pilots
Technology is fundamentally changing warfare, whether we fully understand the impact or no...
A Robotics Revolution
As we speak, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are being used to carry out our wars remotely...
The Future of War

Interview Highlights

In the Enemy's Eyes

What does it look like to the enemy when we send machines instead of men to the battlefield? P.W. Singer is the author of Wired for War, and an expert in military technology.


shachtman Noah Shachtman He's a journalist who covers the intersection of technology and national security.

posted February 2, 2010

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