flying cheap

Press Reaction

The Wall Street Journal -- Dorothy Rabinowitz

"… a harrowingly detailed report…"

"… a frightful as well as infuriating history of warnings disregarded, whistle-blowers punished and profit-seeking at any cost."

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette -- Rob Owen

"… an excellent, in-depth look at the complicated American aviation system…

"… a must-see hour of television for anyone who flies regularly or has concerns about airline safety."

The New York Times -- Neil Genzlinger

"… a succinct look at what went wrong on Continental Connection Flight 3407… 'Flying Cheap' makes it scary all over again…"

The Washington Post -- Hank Steuver

"… full of common sense and outrage …"

The Buffalo News -- Alan Pergament

"… lays it all out in understandable fashion and even gets into the politics of flying. …"

USA Today

"… Travelers may be surprised -- and possibly dissuaded -- by some of the revelations and interviews with former regional-airline pilots. …"

posted february 9, 2010

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