The Gulf War

The two bibliographies below were compiled by FRONTLINE to aid those who want to dig deeper into Gulf War Syndrome. The first shows many of the most informative and compelling websites on the subject. The second contains citations to books, journal articles and other printed materials.


  • American Legion:
    Includes a special section on Gulf War Health Issues that includes a selection of important reports, hearings and studies.

  • ChronicIllnet:
    Website that provides an index of articles from several medical reports on Gulf War Syndrome.

  • Department of Veterans Affairs: Provides benefits and medical information, a list of veterans' service organizations and a link to the Persian Gulf Veterans' Illness page.

  • GulfLINK:
    Department of Defense's archive of press releases, reports, advisories for veterans and other materials related to Gulf War Syndrome.

  • Gulf War Veterans Resource Pages:
    Includes an intro of the Gulf War Syndrome, a Gulf War Syndrome Q & A, links to other Gulf War Syndrome organizations, and a Rockefeller/Congressional report.

  • Insignia Publishing of Washington: Publisher of a book by former CIA analyst Patrick G. Eddington has put 226 Pentagon and CIA documents on its website.

  • Journal of the American Medical Association:
    This website provides a Medical News and Perspective section and an archive of feature articles and abstracts dealing with Persian Gulf War Syndrome. [Note: JAMA requires a one-time free registration.]

  • National Gulf War Resource Center Homepage:
    Dedicated to providing information to veterans of the Persian Gulf War, this site includes a section for veterans on recent developments related to the Gulf War, a Gulf War Syndrome self-help guide and access for locating other Gulf War veterans.

  • New England Journal of Medicine:
    An online version of the NEJM that provides an archive of current and past articles, studies and editorials dealing with Persian Gulf War syndrome.

  • Presidential Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses:
    This independent advisory committee website includes the Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses interim report, updates, schedule of meetings and more.

  • Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs:

  • Tricare:
    Department of Defense website that deals with national health issues including a section on Persian Gulf War Syndrome.

Printed Materials

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