The Gulf War

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Points of interest cited in FRONTLINE's "Debating Gulf War Syndrome" are indicated on this map. It comprises southern Iraq and Kuwait, the so-called Kuwaiti Theater of Operations, where the Gulf War was fought in January and February of 1991.

  • Hafir Al Batin: Saudi town south of the Iraqi border when U.S.or Czech troops reported detecting nerve agents on Jan. 17 and 19, 1991.

  • Jubayl: Saudi port on the Persian Gulf where seabees (Navy engineers) reported detections of blister agents and a burning sensation on their faces after an explosion in the early morning hours of Jan. 19, 1991.

  • Kamisiyah: In March 1991 U.S. Army engineers unknowingly detonated Iraqi chemical weapons stored in a bunker and an open pit there.

  • King Khalid: Saudi military installation near Iraq where Czech or French chemical specialists reported detecting nerve agents on several days in January 1991.

  • Muthanna: Site of Iraq's largest chemical weapons research, production and storage facility, which U.S. and allied warplanes began bombing on Jan. 17.

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