A roundup of thoughts and opinions, drawn from the dozens of interviews conducted with scientists, policy makers and political leaders.

Views on A Radically Changed World

Will the world be able to act in time and dramatically cut the carbon emissions wreaking havoc on the earth's climate?

High Hopes for Clean Coal?

Coal provides 52 percent of America's electricity. Every year America's coal-fired power plants emit up to 2 billion tons of CO2. So a complex process to clean up coal -- by capturing and storing the CO2 -- is currently in development. But many obstacles lay ahead.

Why Not Nuclear?

As calls for carbon-free power grow, nuclear power is getting a fresh look.

The Coming Cap-and-Trade Showdown

At the heart of the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act that failed in Congress in 2008 was this market mechanism, designed to penalize businesses that don't cut their CO2 emissions. There's little doubt cap-and-trade will be on the agenda in the new Congress.

The Issue of Corporate Responsibility

In 1907 the Supreme Court defined the corporation as a "creature of the state ... presumed to be incorporated for the benefit of the public." But what does that mean today in the context of global climate change? What is the corporation's place in addressing this crisis?

The Mind-Set of Business

On the issue of climate change, what moves an industry to respond and take action? And why are many companies with huge profits going so slowly on energy alternatives?

posted october 21, 2008

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