The Hugo Chavez Show


Jon Lee Anderson
Jon Lee Anderson A staff writer at The New Yorker, he has written two in-depth profiles of President Chávez for the magazine.
Alberto Barrera Tyszka
Alberto Barrera He is the co-author of the 2007 biography, Hugo Chávez.

Phil Gunson
Phil Gunson A Caracas-based writer and journalist, he writes mainly for The Economist and The Miami Herald.
Rafael Simon Jimenez
Rafael Simón Jiménez He was vice president of Venezuela's Parliament until he broke with Chávez. Like Chávez, he grew up in the rural state of Barinas and he knew the Chávez family well.
Teodoro Petkoff
Teodoro Petkoff A minister in the former government of Venezuela, he ran against Chávez in the 2006 presidential campaign. He is the editor of a left-wing newspaper, Tal Cual.

posted november 19, 2008

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