The Kevorkian Verdict


Kevorkian: Marge and Sherry, how do you feel about being together when this happens?

Sherry: That don't bother me. In fact, when we had lunch together I said, "... (inaudible) wouldn't mind with Marjorie."

Marjorie: I wouldn't mind it either. Not at all, not at all... (inaudible) do it.

Kevorkian: You know, this is mechanical now.

Marjorie: That's what I was going to ask you. Are we hooked up together? Do you put a ... (inaudible) between us? Or, is she here, am I here?

Kevorkian: There's a lot of tubes. Yeah, there's the salt solution which we start needle injection into the vein for each of you. And then it's a ... (inaudible) I had to make a wide connection--

Marjorie: But, are we together?

Kevorkian: You're side-by-side. And there's a little space between you. There's a stool, like a little stool. And then the stool, I clamped the device. It's a mechanical device-- Made out of wood, this is made out of wood.

Marjorie: Not ... (inaudible) metal.

Kevorkian: No. And there's no electricity and no ... (inaudible) noise, nothing. They can't say machine anymore.

Karen: Like the death machine.

Kevorkian: It's really a device. It's like the other one is a device. It's more foolproof, I think--

Marjorie: You know it may take me four times longer.

Kevorkian: Not with this drug.

Marjorie: With my medication.

Kevorkian: Penthathol would put you under very fast no matter what.

Marjorie: I hope so.

Kevorkian: This is twice as fast as penthathol, but it wears off twice as fast too, so it's got to be quick. This has got to be quick. It's with a regular dose, it will last five to eight minutes of anaesthesia. But, we're going to have a continuous drip with a bottle, so--

Marjorie: The whole thing, timing wise?

Kevorkian: Timing wise should probably be the same, or a little shorter than Janet Adkins. It should be under six minutes.

Marjorie: Before we're unconscious?

Kevorkian: Oh, before you're unconscious? Anywhere from 15 to 20 seconds, 25 seconds.

Mr. Miller: Is it close enough to...(inaudible) Park, and just carry Sherry in? I don't need the wheelchair?

Kevorkian: Yeah, I think so. Margo, the parking for the cabin was very close, wasn't it? It may be about 60-70 feet or so. Bill and I can carry her, don't worry. Bill, you want to be there? That's your decision. You have to let me know. Think it over. Do what you think is best.

Marjorie: I want you to do what you feel comfortable with. Don't do what you think I want.

Kevorkian: Don't do what you think someone wants you to do.

Marjorie: Do what you're going to feel comfortable with.

Bill: I'll be there.

Marjorie: Now you notice I didn't have ... (inaudible)

__: I'll just hide.

Kevorkian: There are matresses in all the bunks. They're about this big. And what we'll do is we were thinking of folding cots and all that, but we said the best thing is take the mattresses and stack four or five here and four or five there. It's the best there is. Very solid and comfortable. They'll be a space between this stool is announced-- I clamped the device on the stool. It's a wooden device. And then we hang three bottles on there. And the salt solution. I'll start the IV and each Sherry and Marge, make sure it's dripping well. And that can go as long as they want. I have two or three bottles, I put another bottle out, big bowl.

They want to talk to each other for an hour, we'll do it.

Marjorie: I have all the linen ready, and it's all immaculate, all white, all unused.

Kevorkian: You're going to have to do this together, you're going to have to do this together. One arm will be tied down. I have an arm board that's comfortable. It's got a pattern. And we'll tie the arm down so you don't jerk it or move it with a needle in your arm. And then we bring needles--

Marjorie: It will be put here.

Kevorkian: Well, wherever you got good-- How are your veins, by the way? I know Sherry's got excellent veins.

(Simultaneous conversation)

Kevorkian: That's why we want your arm to be tied down. Then I have a wide tube from each bottle with salt solution. It goes down to the vile, a nice split. One goes to you and one goes to Sherry. And then there's a rubber nipple on the needle down by your arm. And then each bottle, a second bottle of the sedative solution comes down and splits ... (inaudible) One needle goes into the rubber nipple on yours, and one goes on to Sherry's. And those are clamped on. Those are clamped off on this device.

The third one is the potassium chloride, then a muscle relaxant. So that when you're under, unconscious, your muscles will be paralyzed. You can't breath.

Sherry: That's what I need now.

Kevorkian: Yeah.

__: A muscle relaxer.

Kevorkian: Well, she won't breath. That's what I mean, it will paralyze the breathing muscles too when they're unconscious. And the mixture is in the third bottle, and that comes down to splits, and that goes into the other side of the rubber nipple.

So, you have one tube going into your needle, with a needle coming in and a needle coming there on each of you. Now, what you'll do, Marge, the other arm, you and Sherry's arm, I got you tied together at the wrist.

Once Sherry can move, your right one, you're tied together, since you can move very well, Sherry and you will then reach up and Sherry will put her finger in the ring, and you'll put your finger in the ring. And you'll have to guide Sherry. But, she could do it too. You just pull the ring, you pull a string, and that opens a valve.

First of all, you reach up and turn off the salt solution with Sherry's hand attached, you turn off the salt.

Marjorie: What are we going to be doing, just pushing a button?

Kevorkian: No, because there's no electricity. So you just turn off the salt solution by turning the little wheel, it's easy.

Marjorie: You'll be telling us all this.

Kevorkian: I'll be telling you all this. And then you reach into this ring, you and Sherry, you pull the ring. And you hold the arm out like that with Sherry. You hold the arm out, straight out, up right. And that ring-- You've cut the saline off, that ring turns on the hypnotic, the sedative solution which will put you to sleep within 20 seconds, 25 seconds, as soon as it gets into your veins.

And then when you're asleep and sleepy, your arm will drop and you open a third valve, once you're asleep. As soon as you go to sleep the third valve is opened when your arm drops.

Marjorie: Automatically.

Kevorkian: The weight of your arm will open it.

Marjorie: Automatically?

Kevorkian: Automatically. It's more foolproof than the electrical device.

Marjorie: ... (inaudible) you started to say when you fall a sleep, then you're going to open up the--

Kevorkian: You do. When you fall asleep, your arm drops.

Marjorie: I thought you meant I will do it--

Kevorkian: Which is the best way to do it--

Marjorie: -- I would if I'm asleep.

Kevorkian: As soon as you fall asleep, your arm will drop and that's automatic.

Mr. Miller: What time are you talking about tomorrow?

Kevorkian: Well, we should --I think-- get started as early as possible, I don't know. What's comfortable for you, Sherry?

Sherry: Any time.

__: 9 o'clock. I think if we're there for 8, and Marjorie has to reserve the room. That's going to take a little time.

Kevorkian: Yeah, if we get there at 8, by the time you get to the cabin it's going to be close to 9, registering and all that. And when I set it up, it's going to take another--

Marjorie: If it's registering--

Kevorkian: No, it's been reserved. Every weekend the cabins are taken. It's very strange. People go there to relax. There's no electricity, no running water, outdoor john. It's a beautiful setting, on a little lake. Beautiful woods.

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