the madoff affair

press reaction

Sam Allis, The Boston Globe

... yet another example of what “Frontline” does best: unravel complicated stories in ways we can understand ... a taut hour of superior investigative reporting ... as discomforting as it is enlightening ...

David Zurawik, The Baltimore Sun

... Do yourself a favor, sit down and watch tonight as correspondent and producer Martin Smith takes viewers into the deepest and most lucid explanations delivered anywhere in the media as to how Bernard L. Madoff bilked so many out of an estimated $65 billion. ...

Ken Tucker, Entertainment Weekly

Trust the mighty, invaluable Frontline to place the ultra-greedy, admitted stock fraud of “investment advisor” Bernard Madoff in perspective. ...

Brian Lowry, Daily Variety

... the real service here simply involves meticulously laying out the magnitude, structure and collateral damage of Madoff’s crimes. ...

... Madoff faces sentencing in June, and in that respect, “The Madoff Affair” qualifies as a rare foray by “Frontline” into feel-good TV. Because after watching this, it will be hard not to crack a great big smile when they finally throw the book at him.

Ellen Gray, The Philadelphia Daily News

... If you’re still trying to figure out why Madoff did what he did, you won’t find any answers in “The Madoff Affair.” But the ignorance and indifference that made it possible? It’s all there.

Mike Hale, The New York Times

... an entertaining job of skimming the surface ... the overall tone tends more toward farce than tragedy ...

... Beyond the personal testimonies, there’s little in “The Madoff Affair” that hasn’t already been reported and rereported. ...

John Doyle, The Globe and Mail (Toronto, Ont.)

... an excellent, level-headed look at what Bernie Madoff did and how he pulled off a massive scam.

Mike Hughes, Lansing State Journal

... compelling ... Reporter Martin Smith tells the story beautifully, catching the human dynamics along the way.

Dave Shiflett, Bloomberg

... illuminating ...

posted may 12, 2009

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