obama's deal

Press Reaction

Sam Allis, The Boston Globe

“‘Frontline’ delivers the goods. It gives us the large themes and nasty fights that dominated Capitol Hill over the past year. We hear from a legion of smart insiders, journalists, and politicians, from every angle of the action. Veteran documentarian Mike Kirk, who wrote, directed, and coproduced this story, has done it again. … Anyone remotely interested in big-time, hardball legislative politics should watch ‘Obama’s Deal.’”

Philip Kennicott, The Washington Post

“[Producer Michael Kirk] challenges viewers exhausted by the health-care debate of the past year. ... Much of this was out there, in one form or another, but Kirk gives it drama and sharpens the daily blur of most reporting."

Brian Lowry, Variety BLTv

“… a complete breath of fresh air. … ‘Frontline’ keeps reminding us that without public TV and radio, there would be precious few havens to provide this sort of detailed, dispassionate reporting.”

Walt Belcher, Tampa Tribune

“… a civics lesson in the reality of U.S. politics and the power of special interests.”

John Doyle, The Globe and Mail (Canada)

“The program promises that it ‘reveals the realities of American politics, the power of special interest groups, and the role of money in policy making.’ And it does that with sobering aplomb.”

posted april 13, 2010

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