My Father, My Brother, and Me

Press Reaction

John Doyle, The Globe and Mail (Canada)

… a fine and moving program about Parkinson's disease. It is both personal and political, and deftly done.

David Zurawik, The Baltimore Sun

... This is science told through a personal, human lens, and that's the source of its power.

Mary McNamara, Los Angeles Times

… For those who know little about Parkinson's, "My Father, My Brother, and Me" is certainly an excellent primer. … As a personal journey, however, it is a portrait of stoicism rather than revelation.

Roger Catlin, Hartford Courant

… one part of his examination -- research that has hindered by restricted funding for stem cell research -- is on the brink of being old news in the new Washington administration.

Cynthia Fuchs,

… both professional and personal … not so much a report as a hope for the future, dramatic in its own way.

David Wiegand, San Francisco Chronicle

... powerful ...

posted january 29, 2009

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