So You Want to Buy a President?

A Citizen's Guide: Selected Links

A sampling of offerings on the World Wide Web covering politics, money, and the upcoming campaigns...

  • Center for Public Integrity
    Information and contributor databases compiled during research for the book The Buying of the President by Charles Lewis and the Center for Public Integrity.

  • Common Cause of Texas
    Information about Congressional campaign reform proposals and links to sponsoring legislators' home pages.

  • Good Government Groups
    Links to groups working for government accountability.

  • Campaign News and Information

  • All Things Political
    Information on candidates, scandals, and links to political discussion.

  • Campaign Central Home Page
    Good links to sites providing financial and other information on Presidential and congressional races.

  • Campaign '96 Home Page
    Time magazine's Presidential politics site.

  • Democratic National Committee
    Official home page of the Democratic National Committee.

  • Election '96
    US News' Presidential politics site.

  • Republican Main Street
    Official home page of the Republican National Committee.

  • The Coin-Operated Congress
    Mother Jones' magazine's acerbic analysis of policy and politics.

  • The San Diego Source
    Home page of the 1996 GOP convention.

  • Vote Smart Web
    A "voter's self-defense system" providing information on candidates.

  • Candidates

  • Pat Buchanan
    Pat Buchanan's Internet Campaign Headquarters.

  • Senator Bob Dole
    Useful information on Bob Dole's bid for President including a biography, campaign finance chart and more.

  • Bob Dornan

  • Phil Gramm for President Home Page
    Vote Smart's website includes campaign information on Senator Phil Gramm.

  • Alan Keyes Network Home Page
    Alan Keyes official home page.

  • Richard Lugar
    Senator Richard Lugar's home page.

  • Taylor for President Home Page
    Vote Smart's website also featuring information on Morry Taylor and his presidential campaign .

  • Political Humor

  • Doonesbury Electronic Town Hall
    Cartoons and commentary from Doonesbury's Garry Trudeau.

  • Skeleton Closet: All the Dirt on All of the Presidential Candidates
    Information and gossip for scandal and conspiracy buffs.

  • The Capitol Steps
    Humor and music from "the only group in America that attempts to be funnier than Congress."

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