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VIDEOBennie Anthony For nearly forty years, the pattern's been the same. When on parole, Anthony, 61, is a personable fellow with an easy laugh. Off parole and unsupervised, he stops taking his meds for schizophrenia and ends up in shelters, jail cells...MORE + UPDATE » VIDEOMichael Grissett A schizophrenic, he spent 21 years in prison for stabbing a man to death. In 2007 he began parole through a Cleveland program providing services for the severely mentally ill. And he moved into a group home in an area known for crime...MORE + UPDATE » VIDEOLynn Moore After eight months in prison for burglary, he "maxed out" in 2008 -- meaning no parole, he was on his own. A paranoid schizophrenic, he's been in prison several times. He has trouble staying on his medications and when off them, has delusions about Satan and bin Laden...MORE + UPDATE » VIDEOWilliam Bryan Stokes Stokes also "maxed out" of prison -- no parole and therefore without support services and oversight. Diagnosed as schizoaffective, he soon deteriorated into a psychotic state and became homeless, committed crimes. But then, his luck turned...MORE » VIDEOJerry Tharp Many consider prison an environment that's detrimental to someone who is severely mentally illness. But Tharp, who is diagnosed as schizoaffective, believes prison may be the best place for him...MORE + UPDATE » VIDEOKeith Williams More than anyone, Keith Williams represents the failure of deinstitutionalization, the failure of community based mental health care in America...MORE »

posted april 28, 2009

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