April 19,1989

Dear Frontline,

A very interesting show last night about Shakespeare. One thing puzzled me, however. If you could take all the time to X-ray (or Gamma-ray) Shakespeare's monument, why not gain permission to do the same to the mysterious stone coffin in the Oxford de Vere vault? Could this possibly be the resting place not of a man's body but the body of work he produced in his lifetime and lost to future generations. The work could have been copied by the authors of the 1st portfolio then the originals in Oxford's hand taken to a place that no one would dream of looking, Westminster Abbey.

Another thing. If Shakespeare was such a never-do-well, why would he be buried in such a special place as under the stones before the altar of the church? Usually men and women of prominence are entombed in this area of an old English church. Try Gamma-raying his burial site.

Please produce more of the intriguing mysteries of the past. You have excellent programs and thought provoking issues...keep up the good work.

Yours Sincerely,

Jean Newbigin

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