The Arte of English Poesie

"I know very many notable Gentlemen in the Court that have written commendably, and supressed it agayne, or els suffered it to be publisht without their owne names to it: as if it were a discredit for a Gentleman, to seeme learned, and to shew him selfe amorous of any good Art." (p.16)

"And in her Majesties time that now is are sprong up an other crew of Courtly makers, Noblemen and Gentlemen of her Majesties owne servants, who have written excellently well as it would appeare if their doing could be found out and made publicke with the rest, of which number is first that noble Gentleman Edward Earle of Oxford."(p.49)

--The Arte of English Poesie (1589)

(Note: The Arte of English Poesie was itself published anonymously and has been variously attributed to George Puttenham or to Thomas Sackville, first Earl of Dorset and Baron Buckhurst.)

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