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Press Reaction

David Bianculli, New York Daily News

"Those in search of greater perspective and understanding regarding our country's tangled relationship with Iran should watch Tuesday's PBS 'Frontline' special.

"Those hoping to feel better about the near future might want to look elsewhere.

"'Frontline: Showdown With Iran' … triumphs because Greg Barker, the hour's writer, producer and director, is as good an interviewer as he is a reporter. …"


Spencer Ackerman,

"Frontline does it again. Fresh after the documentary show's penetrating look at Dick Cheney's pet legal theories, it travels to Tehran to explore the slowly building crisis between the U.S. and Iran. In doing so, Frontline pulls off a real coup, presenting the first-ever televised interview with Mohammed Jafari, a Qods Force commander and deputy leader of Iran's national security council.

"Jafari isn't a household name, but in U.S.-Iranian relations, he's a big deal. …"

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posted october 23, 2007

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