the farmer's wife


Here is a list of films David Sutherland has created or worked on. Some films include links for more information on the film and critical reaction.

The Farmer's Wife

producer | director | writer | editor

  • A three year independent documentary film portrait of an American farm family in crisis. The six and a half hour portrait will air over three nights on FRONTLINE in September 1998.


producer | director | writer | camera | editor

  • A 30 minute documentary film about an historic Cambridge Diner, shot in 1977-79 and completed in 1996.


producer | director | writer

  • A 60 minute portrait of high-energy physicist, Melissa Franklin. It was the lead film in the national PBS series "Discovering Women" which aired March 29, 1995.

producer | director

  • A 90 minute 35mm documentary feature about a blind cowgirl. An independent film made in association with WGBH/Boston and shown as part of the PBS series "POV" on June 20, 1995.

George Washington...

producer | research | director

  • A 60 minute portrait of George Washington that gets behind the myth of the man who didn't tell a lie.

The Kokrobrity School

producer | director | camera | editor

  • A documentary production detailing the creation of an International, multi-cultural High School in Ghana, West Africa. 1991

Feast of the Gods

producer | director

  • A 30 minute documentary, produced for the National Gallery of Art, about the mystery surrounding a painting by Titian and Bellini. PBS airdate: March 21, 1990


producer | director | writer

  • A 90 minute PBS special, which originally aired July 26, 1990, that focused on the lives of five Yale graduates at midlife. 1990

producer | director

  • A 60 minute film portrait of a WPA painter which was funded by Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute, 1987- Television Premiere, PBS: October 2, 1989

Jack Levine...

producer | director | writer

  • A 60 minute 16mm film portrait of an American painter, 1989.

Elizabeth at 94

producer | director | writer | camera | editor

  • A 30 minute film portrait.of a WWI Nurse. 1985

Paul Cadmus...

producer | director | writer | camera | editor

  • A 60 minute 16mm film portrait of a gay WPA painter, which was completed in 1984 and aired on PBS May 16, 1986.



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