Star Struck

Journalism is not known as a lucrative profession, but for the most prominent network stars there is a payoff:

Network Stars' Salaries

CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR (CNN) : She just signed for $2 million/year for three years to become the highest-paid field correspondent in TV news

TOM BROKAW (NBC): Reportedly earns over $1 million a year

KATIE COURIC (NBC): Reportedly earns over $1 million a year

SAM DONALDSON (ABC): Reportedly earns $2 million a year

BRYANT GUMBEL (NBC): Reportedly earns well over $1 million a year

PETER JENNINGS (ABC): Reportedly earns several million dollars a year

TED KOPPEL (ABC): Reportedly earns $6 million a year

DAN RATHER (CBS): Reportedly earns $5 million a year on a contract that runs to 2000

DIANE SAWYER (ABC): According to USA Today , her annual salary is $7 million a year

BARBARA WALTERS: Reportedly has a base salary range of $4 million with additional fees for her specials that add up to an annual salary in the $7 to $8 million range.

Lecture Circuit Fees

Fred Barnes
(Commentator on "CBS This Morning," "The McLaughlin Group" and "Crossfire")
Margaret Carlson
(TIME Magazine columnist and member of "The Capital Gang")
Sam Donaldson
(ABC News Correspondent)
Howard Fineman
(Frequent panelist on PBS's "Washington Week in Review"; Newsweek columnist)
David Gergen
earned for fifty speeches in the first half of 1993
(U.S News Columnist)
Chris Matthews
(Host of "Politics with Chris Matthews" and a syndicated columnist)
Lisa Myers
(NBC News Correspondent)

Clarence Page
(Chicago Tribune columnist and National Public Radio commentator)

$5,000 -$6,000
Cokie Roberts
(ABC News Correspondent)
Cokie and Steve Roberts
(for joint speech to Chicago's Northern Trust Bank)
(He is a frequent panelist on PBS's "Washington Week in Review" and a former writer for U.S. News)

Tim Russert
(Host of NBC's "Meet the Press")


William Safire
(Panelist on NBC's "Meet the Press" and a New York Times columnist)

Lesley Stahl
for moderating a 1995 program for CIGNA
(CBS News"60 Minutes" Correspondent)

Mike Wallace
(CBS News "60 Minutes" Correspondent)


George Will
in mid-80s if travel involved. Fees doubled by the1990s
(Commentator on ABC's "This Week with David Brinkley" and syndicated columnist)


Judy Woodruff
(CNN Anchor and Correspondent)


"THE GUIDE TO AMERICA'S BEST SPEAKERS AND ENTERTAINMENT" (1996), a guide to celebrity speakers.
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