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rollover: the hidden history of the suv.  They're the most popular vehicles in America.  Are they also among the most dangerous? photo of an overturned suv

unsafe on any tire? before you buy an suv... interviews nixon and detroit: inside the oval office

How safe are SUVs? Should the government do more to protect consumers? An overview of the SUV's hidden history and a look at the politics of auto safety.

Here are a few facts and statistics you ought to consider, including questions and answers on SUVs and safety, and links to current consumer information on the Web.

Former top regulators, a longtime Ford marketer, a prominent plaintiff attorney, an award-winning New York Times reporter, and an insurance industry safety analyst.

Web-exclusive audio of Richard Nixon's 1971 meeting with Henry Ford II and Lee Iacocca, and recently released documents revealing Nixon's efforts on behalf of the auto industry.

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Roll Over: The Hidden History of the SUV

From industrial hauler to Americas new station wagon, the SUV has been a spectacular success story, both satisfying and reflecting the tastes of the American consumer. Was the rise of the SUV enabled, even encouraged, by Washington regulators with close ties to the industry? And did they overlook serious safety and environmental flaws in the vehicle that continue to haunt it? FRONTLINE presents an in-depth report of the vehicle that turned Detroits fortunes around and asks what consumers really know about their SUVs and those charged with making them safe.

published feb. 2002