sick around america

Press Reaction

Kevin McDonough, United Features Syndicate

… offers abundant evidence that the current system is a job killer, a drain on businesses big and small, and a perverse distortion of economic risks and rewards.

David Barron, The Houston Chronicle

... Filmmaker Jon Palfreman ... focuses on a broken system and the compromises that each shareholder in the health care equation must consider for truly effective reform to be enacted and to succeed. ...

Mary McNamara, The Los Angeles Times

... Although there is value in presenting anecdotal evidence validated by articulate experts, there is a preaching-to-the-choir feel to "Sick Around America." No doubt almost every audience member could counter with an insurance nightmare of his or her own; what is needed is a solution. ...

Cynthia Fuchs,

… documents specific cases of things gone wrong in the "system" of health care, this time with a focus on insurance companies, where, most observers and insiders agree, the need for reform is most urgent. ...

Ted Mahar, The Oregonian

... a depressing update ... shows how disastrous getting sick can be for Americans without good coverage -- or without any at all.

posted march 31, 2009

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