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Sir Charles Ellis: a top researcher for the British-American Tobacco Co. in London. Sir Charles held patents for Ariel, a virtually smoke-free cigarette that was never marketed.

Edward Finch: held variously the posts of president, chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Brown & Williamson from 1964 well into the seventies.

Dr. S.J. Green: head of research for BAT in the mid-sixties. A life-long advocate of safer cigarettes who ultimately broke with the industry over the health issue. [See document 1192.02, especially p.1]

Dr. Robert B. Griffith: director of research for B&W 1964 through 1969 and also a profound believer in the safe cigarette project.

Earl Kohnhorst: vice-president of research and development at B&W in the mid and late-eighties.

C. I. McCarty: Chairman and chief operating officer for public relations at B&W beginning in 1977.

Ernest Pepples: B&W's general counsel and a senior vice-president throughout the eighties.

Robert A. Sanford: a researcher and technical manager at B&W in the late sixties, became director of research and development in 1976 and vice-president of research and development in 1980.

J. Kendrick Wells III: assistant general counsel at B&W in the eighties, and still a senior executive at B&W.

Addison Yeaman: general counsel from 1959 until 1969, then held various senior posts until his retirement in 1981.