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Roots of Terrorism
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  • A Note to Teachers

  • Pre-Viewing Lesson Plans
  • Examining Primary Documents
  • Reviewing Events

  • Post-Viewing Lesson Plans
  • Analyzing Information
  • Media Messages
  • Considering Sources

  • Internet Resources

    Student Assignment Sheets

    Glossary and Identifications

    This has a excellent collection of editorial cartoons. It includes teacher guides and an index to search for cartoons by topic, artist or publisher.

    The Awesome Library is an award-winning Internet library database with over 22,000 Web resources. It has many special sections that are designed specifically for students and educators, including teacher guides on a wide variety of topics. If you use this with your students, you may want to suggest specific links or leave extra time for the students to explore it on their own.

    This site from the Federation of American Scientists provides an extensive selection of resources on the background and threat assessments of terrorism. This is used with the lesson Reviewing Events.

    This is a collection of e-mail messages from FRONTLINE producer Martin Smith and his co-producer Marcela Gaviria in which they discuss the areas they are visiting and the problems they encounter in their reporting of "In Search of Al Qaeda." These dispatches provide a first-hand look at trying to conduct research in a foreign country and also can provide students with primary documents to supplement the film.

    This site, created by John Moore, a former political-military analyst, examines the evolution of Islamic terrorism from 1968 to Sept. 11, 2001. It includes definitions and identifies key groups and individuals.

    The Web site of The Newshour with Jim Lehrer provides a comprehensive series of reports, dating from Sept. 11, 2001 and continuing to the present day, that examines many aspects of the war on terrorism.

    In the wake of Sept. 11, FRONTLINE produced a series of documentaries, all of which address the roots of terrorism and the complex evolution of U.S. policy and Islamic fundamentalism. This teacher guide includes nine diverse classroom activities and many resources.

    This site, offered by the Voice of America, is a searchable database for pronouncing words in the news.

    This links to many worldwide media outlets and is searchable by country. It lists media by type (newspaper, magazine, TV station, etc.) and includes the language they are written in.

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