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the alternative fix

» Student Viewing Guide:

Short Answers

Please take notes on the following questions as you watch the video. Many of these appear throughout the film.

1. How and why have hospitals changed their methods of dealing with illness?

2. Why is Senator Tom Harkin a supporter of alternative medicine? What actions has he taken to show his support? Do you think he has influenced the popular use of alternative medicine?

3. Why did Dr. David Eisenberg commission a survey on the use of alternative medicine? What did the survey reveal?

4. What kind of medicine does Papa Joe practice? Why do you think people believe in his treatment?

5. What is the treatment prescribed by Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez?

6. How has Senator Orrin Hatch influenced the alternative medicine debate?

7. What problems can occur in the use of alternative medicine?

8. Why do some scientists criticize political support of research into alternative medicine?

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