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Karl Rove -- The Architect


Discussion Questions

Featured Lesson Plan
  • Social Security Reform: A Timely Political Issue
  • Student Handout: Essential Terms
  • Student Handout: Understanding Different Views of Social Security Reform: Background
  • Student Handout: Understanding Different Views of Social Security Reform: Questions
  • Student Handout: Devising Your Political Strategy

  • Additional Lesson Ideas
  • Comparing Political Strategies: Machiavelli and Rousseau
  • Letter to Karl Rove or Editorial Evaluating His Strategy and Success

  • Additional Resources

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    The Architect
    This companion Web site to the FRONTLINE film includes background on Karl Rove's life and career, a closer look at Rove's role in the Republican realignment in Texas and how it became the template for what he later would pull off at the national level, more on the tension between conservative and moderate Republicans over the party's future, and extended interviews with politicians, strategists and journalists.

    Karl Rove - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    This article provides background about Karl Rove and describes his political strategies over the past 30 years. The site includes many links.

    New Yorker Profile: Karl Rove by Nicholas Lemann
    This extensive profile of Karl Rove appeared in the New Yorker magazine in May 2003. The article describes Rove's rise from the College Republicans group through his career in political consulting.

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