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the choice 2004


Discussion Questions

Featured Lesson Plan
  • Political Parties in Campaign 2004
  • Student Handout: What Do You Know About Political Parties in Campaign 2004?
  • Student Handout: Checking Your Answers
  • Student Handout: Democrats and Republicans

  • Additional Lesson Ideas
  • Candidate Character Traits
  • Candidate Character Traits and Campaign Messages
  • Analyzing Campaign Web Sites
  • Exploring Political Action Groups
  • The Youth Vote

  • Internet Resources

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    » Discussion Questions

    A list of questions for the class to discuss after viewing the film.

    What did you learn about either candidate from watching the film?

    What surprised you?

    What do the two candidates have in common?

    What are some differences between the two candidates?

    How did the Vietnam War affect George W. Bush?

    How did the Vietnam War affect John Kerry?

    What was George W. Bush's first political experience? How did it affect him?

    What was John Kerry's first political experience? How did it affect him?

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