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  • MTV shares at least one thing with teachers: it wants to reach teens and influence their behavior. According to its CEO, MTV believes that to reach teens effectively you must "immerse yourself in their reality: in their music, in their art, in the things that they read. And if you see it or approach it any other way, and approach it as an anonymous, faceless, homogenous target market, then you will fail." What, if anything, might advocates for standardized testing (which, by definition, assumes a "faceless, homogenous" group) learn from MTV? What are the potential implications of educators adopting marketing techniques? Do teachers have alternative ways to effectively reach teens that they might share with marketers?
  • What media do your students typically consume? What are their favorite TV shows? Bands? Movies? Web sites? Video games? How does what they see and hear influence how they engage with the material you present? How does it influence their language, their perception of normal, or the kinds of things they do to assert independence?
  • The film argues that "cool hunting" is destructive in part because it undermines teens" ability to engage in genuine expression and create their own culture. What do/can you do to help students authentically express their individuality?

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