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the secret history of credit cards


Discussion Questions

Featured Lesson Plan
  • Who Controls the Real Cost of Credit Cards?
  • Student Handout: Viewer's Guide
  • Student Handout: How Much Does Debt Cost?

  • Additional Lesson Ideas
  • Making a Persuasive Statement
  • Personal Bankruptcy: What Does It Mean?

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    » Discussion Questions

    (Questions 1 and 2 are appropriate for discussing before students see the documentary.)

    1. What do you know about credit cards? How do they work?
    2. How many credit cards would you think that the average person uses? Why do you think people have more than one credit card?
    3. What information in the documentary most surprised you?
    4. Do you think the government should have a role in regulating both who can get credit cards and what interest and fees consumers should pay? If so, who should be the regulators? Who would benefit from such regulation? Who would lose? Explain.
    5. How, according to the four "normal consumers" in the documentary, does owning a credit card or credit cards affect purchasing decisions?
    6. Who loses and gains the most from credit card companies' policies? Explain.
    7. Has the documentary influenced how you might use credit cards in the future? Explain.

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