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diet wars

» Student Worksheet

Post-Viewing Sheet #2

Note to students: You will not be required to turn this in. It is to help you understand your eating habits.

Today: What Do I Think I Eat?

Think about an average day in your life. What do you think you generally consume in a 24-hour period? Use the chart on the "What Is a Serving?" worksheet to help you approximate the amounts that you consume. Many things you eat and drink may not be on the chart. That is fine. Try to be as honest as possible.

Tomorrow: What Do I Eat?

Tomorrow you will be recording everything you eat and drink. Be sure to write down the amount of servings using the above chart. Try to be as careful as possible so that you can learn about your eating habits.

Self Evaluation

How does what I think I eat compare with what I actually eat? How do my serving sizes compare with suggested serving sizes?

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