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Roots of Terrorism
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Viewing the Documentary

  • A Note to Teachers

  • Pre-Viewing Preparation

    Viewing the Documentary

    Post-Viewing Lesson Plans
  • First Reactions
  • Exploring Privilege
  • Meritocracy
  • Language
  • Taking Action

  • Internet and Other Resources

    Student Assignment Sheet
  • Definitions and Discussion Prompts
  • The film includes three major segments. The footage of the original documentary of Jane Elliott's third-graders (approximately 20 minutes), the reunion of those third-graders 14 years later (approximately 7 minutes), and the training exercise with prison staff (approximately 20 minutes). You can view the film in its entirety, or view the first two segments in one class period and the third segment in the next class.

    To encourage active viewing, you may want to give students a specific task to do during the film. For example, you might ask them to listen for a particular issue or the answers to a set of questions, or take notes in preparation for one of the post-viewing activities.

    You may also wish to make students aware that the film shows segments of Elliott leading her class and prison staffers through the exercise. These segments contain key information that is not necessarily highlighted by pauses, editing, or comments from the narrator. It might be especially helpful to have students watch for these key moments and instruct you to briefly pause the tape when they think they've seen one. Key moments might include noticing peoples' body language, Elliott's de-construction of her students' fight, or the change in students' performance on their flashcard exercise. Pause just long enough for them to describe what they have seen; save extended discussion for later so you don't unduly interrupt the flow of the film.

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