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Discussion Questions

Featured Lesson Plan
  • Summit Meeting
  • Student Handout: Test of Tolerance
  • Student Handout: Preserving the Alliance Against Terrorism
  • Student Handout: Madrid Bombings and U.S. Policy
  • Student Handout: Race and Immigration in Europe
  • Student Handout: Recent Laws are Wrong Way to Integrate European Muslims

  • Additional Lesson Ideas
  • Summit Meeting: Second Round
  • Ethnic Discrimination or Protecting National Security
  • Muslim-Christian Ties in Europe: Past, Present and Future

  • Internet Resources

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    » Lesson Plan

    Summit Meeting

    Students examine various points of view regarding Muslim immigration into Europe, Europe's reaction to this increase in an atmosphere of world-wide terrorism and specific attacks on Europe, and the future of relations between the U.S. and Europe.

    » Lesson Objectives:

    Students will become more familiar with:

    • U.S. interests in Europe's efforts in the war on terror
    • How the increased Muslim integration into Europe has put a strain on Europeans' ethnic tolerance and created further suspicion of Muslim immigrants
    • Actions that can be taken to address the issues of ethnic diversity and national security

    » Materials Needed:

    The FRONTLINE program "Al Qaeda's New Front"

    Student Handouts: A Note to Teachers -- The articles suggested in the handouts are of different lengths and present different political perspectives. Teachers might want to discuss with students effective ways to review the articles and respond to the questions, either as a homework assignment or in a small group activity. Each student handout sheet includes suggestions to help students to facilitate this process.

    Student Handout: "Test of Tolerance" from "The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer." The article provides background on the racial tensions in Europe over Muslim immigration. (For all students) [URL: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/religion/july-dec04/dutchmuslims_11-4.htm]. This link also provides streaming audio and video on the news segment. Teachers may therefore choose to show the video instead of having students read the article.

    Student Handout: "Preserving the Alliance Against Terrorism" from The Heritage Foundation. The article reviews the political fallout after the train bombing in Spain and makes recommendations for the U.S to continue its influence in Europe and maintain its leadership role. (For one small group) [URL: http://www.heritage.org/Research/NationalSecurity/1743.cfm]

    Student Handout: "Madrid Bombings and U.S. Policy" from The Brookings Institution. The article suggests reasons for Spain's surprise election results and subsequent withdrawal of forces from Iraq. The article also makes suggestions to the Bush Administration on how the U.S. can improve relations with Spain and European allies. (For one small group) [URL: http://www.brookings.edu/views/testimony/gordon20040331.htm]

    Student Handout: "Race and Immigration in Europe" originally from The Economist Online, reprinted in Gene Expression, an online blog of current events. The article, beginning with "Multicultural troubles, March 25, 2004," is found by scrolling down below the commentary. The article discusses the increased tensions in Europe over Muslim immigration and the major positive contributions to Europe that a majority of Muslims are making. [URL: http://www.gnxp.com/MT2/archives/002019.html]

    Student Handout: "Recent Laws Are Wrong Way to Integrate European Muslims" from Al-Jazeerah Information Center. The article presents a critical analysis of numerous actions or policy proposals by European governments to integrate Muslims into European society. (For one small group) [URL: http://www.aljazeerah.info/Opinion%20editorials/2004%20opinions/March/11%20o

    » Time Needed:

    1-3 class periods, depending on whether the class watches the FRONTLINE program.

    » Procedure:

    1. If you are viewing the FRONTLINE program "Al Qaeda's New Front" with the class, engage them in the Discussion Questions following viewing.

    2. Instruct all students to read the article or watch the video of Test of Tolerance and respond to the Reading Questions on their handouts. Review student responses to the reading questions as a large group.

    3. Break the class into four small groups. Explain that each group will be reviewing an article that looks at the issues from a different perspective, and that they will be preparing a presentation to share with the class.

    4. Distribute to each group one of the four student handouts. Each group should find the article online (web addresses provided) and answer both the Reading and Discussion Questions on their handouts. They can do this either independently or in their groups.

    5. Each group should develop a presentation following the guidelines presented on their handouts.

    6. Bring the four groups together and facilitate a "Summit Meeting" during which each group makes a presentation.

    7. Engage the class in discussion about their presentations.

    » Method of Assessment:

    Class participation
    Submission of handouts
    Group presentation

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