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ghosts of rwanda

» Student Worksheet #4

Viewing Guide: "Ghosts of Rwanda"

Directions: Circle the group below to which you have been assigned. As you watch the film, pay special attention to the issues surrounding your group and the people in it. Take notes so that you can share your ideas after the film.

Group 1:
The United Nations

Names to listen for and learn about:
  • Gregory "Gromo" Alex
  • Secretary-General Kofi Annan
  • Major Brent Beardsley
  • General Romeo Dallaire
  • Mbaye Diagne
Group 5:
The Tutsis

Names to listen for and learn about:
  • RPF (Rwandan Patriotic Front)
  • President Kagame (the leader of the RPF)
  • Valentina (the girl in the church)
Group 2:
The United States

Names to listen for and learn about:
  • Madeline Albright
  • Prudence Bushnell
  • President Clinton
  • Anthony Lake
  • Laura Lane
  • George Moose
  • Michael Sheehan
Group 6:
The Hutus

Names/issues to listen for and learn about:
  • The plan of the "extremists"
  • The Interahamwe
  • Their leaders (Colonel Bagasora)
Group 3:
Adventist Missionary Carl Wilkins

Issue to listen for and learn about:
  • Why he was the only American to remain in Rwanda during the genocide?
  • What did he do during the genocide?
  • What were his thoughts during and after the genocide?
Group 7:
The Journalists
  • Mark Doyle of the BBC
  • Fergal Keane of the BBC
  • Katelijne Hermans of Belgian television
Group 4:
Response of the International Red Cross (IRC) and of a Rwandan human rights activist

Names to listen for and learn about:
  • Philippe Gaillard of the International Red Cross
  • Monique Mujawamariya, Rwandan human rights activist

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