What Kind of Cyber Guide are You? A Quiz for Parents and Caregivers

Social networking, chat rooms, online games, and instant messaging--kids are growing up online, and most parents find it challenging to manage their kids' multitasking on the Internet. What kind of approach do you take when it comes to your kids and the Internet? Take this quiz and find out!

Which of the following describes a typical day in your child's online activity? (Check all that apply.)
I check to see what my child is doing, but that's about it.
I have rules about what my children can do online and how long they can use the computer.
I have my children show me what Web sites they go on, any profiles they have and/or games they play.
My child uses the computer for games and homework.
I use a blocking or filtering program so my child doesn't visit inappropriate Web sites.
I ask questions about what they do online.

Where in your home is the computer your child uses located? (Choose one.)
In the child's bedroom.
In the living room, kitchen, or social space.
Wireless laptop--can go anywhere in the house.
We do not have a computer and/or Internet connection at home.

Susan and Michael notice their 14-year-old daughter Marissa is spending a lot of time on MySpace. Marissa is constantly on the site, updating her profile, responding to friends, and changing the design of her page. If you were these parents, what would you be most likely to do? (Choose one.)
Ask Marissa to tell you what she does on MySpace and why she spends so much time there. Challenge her to explain and provide compelling reasons.
Not really worry about it, as long as her schoolwork gets done.
Set some rules--Marissa needs boundaries. Enforce how much she can go on MySpace.
Ask Marissa to show you how to make your own MySpace page and then have her add you as a "friend" to her page.
Tell Marissa she's wasting her time whenever you see her using MySpace.
Let Marissa spend time there. She's just communicating with friends.

Which of the following have you spoken about with your children? (Check all that apply.)
What kind of information they should keep private when online.
What to do if someone bullies or harasses them online.
What Web sites you don't want them to visit.
The permanent nature of online communication: "You can't take it back."
How much time they are allowed to spend online.
Giving out information by filling out forms on Web sites, sweepstakes, and freebies.
How advertisers target them online.
None of these things.

Which of the following best describes how you feel about your child being online? (Choose one.)
I'm nervous about it. I feel I have little control over what my children do online or who they talk to.
I feel fairly confident about what kids are doing online. I sit down with my children and have them show me what they're doing. We talk about ways to deal with problems they may encounter online.
I'm not worried. The Internet is how kids talk with their friends, play games, and do homework. My children know what they're doing and how to be careful.

Katrina's 12-year-old son Jared gets pretty immersed in the online role-playing game Runescape. One day as he was playing, Katrina noticed another player kept chatting to him, saying "I'm gonna kill U" and "I'm gonna find where U live." Jared didn't know this player in real life, but told her it was no big deal, just a joke. What should Katrina do? (Choose one.)
She's the parent and she should take control of this situation by not allowing her son on this site. He's unsafe and being threatened. Katrina shouldn't let him play this game.
It's no big deal. This kind of stuff happens in these online games. It's just kids being kids.
Require him to take a break from the game. Later, go back online together and block this player and report his behavior.

How familiar are you with the following things online?

MySpace/ Facebook
Online Pornography
Celebrity fan sites
World of Warcraft
Music downloading sites (iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster)
Chat language such as "BRB" or "OMG!"
I’m familiar with most or all of them. I know about some things, but others I'm not familiar with I know little or nothing about these things.