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Kim's Nuclear Gamble
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Student Assignment Sheet: Kim's Nuclear Gamble

Preparing to Negotiate

The country I am representing is:
The country with which I am negotiating is:

What, in the view of the country I am representing, has led to this crisis?

What are the main issues that are leading my country toward confrontation?

What are the issues for the people (rather than the leaders) of North Korea? How can I find out this information? What prevents me from finding out this information?

What do I consider my country's assets and strengths?

What do I consider my opponent's greatest weaknesses?

What stereotypes do I hold of my opponent?

What stereotypes do I think my opponent holds of my country?

What do I think I might gain and lose from conflict?

What do I think I might gain and lose from negotiation?

On what issues, if any, am I willing to compromise?

On what issues, if any, am I categorically unwilling to compromise?

How do I feel about President Bush's phrase "axis of evil"?

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