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Roots of Terrorism
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Post-Viewing Lesson Plans

Further Activities With Language

  • A Note to Teachers

  • Pre-Viewing Lesson Plans
  • Pre-Viewing Discussion Questions
  • Preparation for Viewing

  • Post-Viewing Lesson Plans
  • Debriefing Discussion
  • Help with Reading Poetry
  • Which Text Should We Read?
  • Parodies of Shakespeare
  • Further Activities with Language

  • Internet Resources

    Student Assignment Sheets
  • Shakespeare's Language (with answers)
  • Viewing Worksheet
  • How to Read a Poem
  • Some Sonnets by Shakespeare
  • To Be or Not To Be -- Three Versions
  • Lesson Objectives

    • To encourage students to apply what they have learned
    • To provide imaginative writing opportunities as assessment

    Procedure/Method of Evaluation

    Assign one of the following activities as an in-class assignment or homework.

    • Choose a passage from the Shakespeare play you are studying in class as the basis of a letter William Shakespeare might have written to Christopher Marlowe (if Marlowe was, in fact in Italy instead of dead as a result of the tavern brawl in 1593!). In your letter, discuss possible revisions to language, theme, or plot.
    • Using a play or novel you have just studied, write a letter from one character to another in the style Shakespeare might have used.
    • Write a letter in the voice of Shakespeare to someone accusing him of not having written the plays. Defend yourself!
    • Take a scene from Clueless, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Austin Powers, or Dumb and Dumber as your inspiration, and write it in Shakespearean language.

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