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who was lee harvey oswald?

» Student Handout

Student Viewing Guide

Main Characters Experts Other People
Lee Harvey Oswald Marina Oswald
Robert Oswald
Gerald Posner
G. Robert Blakey
Edward Epstein
Priscilla McMillan
Oswald's U.S. Marines commander and fellow Marines
People who knew Oswald in Russia (including people from the KGB)
People who knew Oswald in the U.S.


  • As you are watching the film, keep this handout and a pen or pencil in front of you so you can note important facts.
  • You should have several entries by the end of the film.
  • Use both your observation and interpretation skills as you watch the film, because you will be called upon to "testify" at Oswald's trial.

    What character(s) are you following?

    What is your character's position or relationship to Lee Harvey Oswald?

    Write at least four important things you learn about Lee Harvey Oswald based on your character's interactions with or observations of him. (If you are one of the "other people," write four observations from the film that will help you to build your testimony for the trial. For example, if you are someone who knew Oswald in Russia, pay special attention when the documentary focuses on his life there.)

    What else did you learn that surprised or interested you?

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