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the other drug war


Pre-Viewing Lesson Plan
  • Media Messages
  • Student Handout: Key Concepts in Media Literacy
  • Student Handout: Prescription Drug Advertising

  • Viewing Lesson Plan
  • Student Viewing Guide
  • Student Handout: Questions for Viewing
  • Student Handout: Key Terms and Definitions

  • Post-Viewing Lesson Plans
  • The Rest of the Story
  • Great Debates

  • Supplementary Activities

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    » Viewing Lesson Plan

    Student Viewing Guide:
     "The Other Drug War"

    » Lesson Objectives:

    In this lesson, students will:

    • Watch the documentary "The Other Drug War" and answer questions about its content.
    • Practice critical thinking skills as they view the film.

    » Materials Needed:

    • The video "The Other Drug War" [Note: This video can be purchased online at ShopPBS for Teachers. The film is also streamed in full on "The Other Drug War" Web site.]
    • Student Handout: Questions for Viewing
    • Student Handout: Key Terms and Definitions

    » Time Needed:

    Allow 50-60 minutes for your class to view the film.

    » Procedure:

    "The Other Drug War" illuminates four central debates in the battle over prescription drug pricing:

    1. Federal government interventions that could reduce consumer costs;
    2. Individual states (Maine and Oregon) that have created their own policies for making prescription drugs more affordable;
    3. The pharmaceutical industry's argument that high prices are necessary to fund expensive research and development of new drugs; and
    4. Marketing of prescription drugs.

    To encourage active viewing, hand out the worksheet Questions for Viewing and ask your students to answer the questions as they watch the film. Discuss their answers as a class after students have viewed the film.

    Along with questions, give students the handout Key Terms and Definitions. After viewing the film, you can discuss the meanings in more depth or have students research the terms.

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