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China in the Red
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Student Assignment Sheet: China in the Red

A Brief Overview of China


Locate the entry for China in the CIA's World Factbook 2002, which can be found online at http://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/geos/ch.html. Under "Categories," select each of the following terms and answer the questions. Use http://dictionary.reference.com/ to define unfamiliar terms.

Students: Please note that the answers to these questions are derived from the World Factbook website. If you were to choose a different site, the answers might differ.

I. Introduction
List a few ways in which life has changed for the people of China since World War II.

II. Geography

A. Compare China to the United States in the following areas:

1. Land size
2. Climate
3. Population (July 2002 est.)

B. List some environmental concerns in China.

III. Government

A. What is the capital?

B. What is the type of government?

C. Executive branch

Who is the president?
Who is the premier?

IV. Economy

A. What changes have been made in agriculture?

B. What changes have been made in industry?

C. How has the Chinese economy improved?

D. What do they say is the bad side of socialism?

E. What do they say is the bad side of capitalism?

F. What problems exist for the state owned corporations?

G. Where is unemployment the highest?

NOTE: For answers, see the answer key.

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