Can You Afford to Retire

Discussion Questions

Before Seeing the Film:

  1. What do you think retirement means?
  2. From what sources do people get income when they retire?
  3. Who pays for the health insurance of retired people?
  4. Who should be responsible for planning for retirement? What roles should individuals, businesses, and the government play in planning?

After Seeing the Film:

  1. In 1974, 89 percent of contributions to retirement plans came from businesses, while 11 percent came from workers. In 2000, the percentages had changed. What percentage of retirement contributions came from businesses in 2000? What percentage came from workers? Why did the percentages change?
  2. What happens if people's planning for retirement does not provide enough income?
  3. When a business enters bankruptcy (Chapter 11), which gets paid first -- workers' pensions or debts owed to banks? Why is this the case?
  4. According to the film, are people with high incomes or people with low incomes more successful in investing their retirement incomes? What are the implications of this finding?
  5. Many people's retirement plans last seven to eight years after they stop working. But studies show that people live 17 or 18 years after retirement. What options are there for people in the United States who outlive their savings?
  6. What factors do you think might keep people from saving enough money for retirement?