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Featured Lesson Plan
  • Fatwa and Human Rights
  • Student Handout: Discussion Questions Following Viewing
  • Student Handout: The Power of the Fatwa
  • Student Handout: Osama bin Laden and Holy War

  • Additional Lesson Ideas
  • Political Messages
  • Media Messages
  • Women's Rights in Saudi Arabia
  • Violence and Saudi Arabia

  • Internet Resources

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    » Internet Resources

    Media literacy note: As with all issues, especially ones that are politically charged, students must learn to be savvy and discriminating readers. No Web site can provide all the information a student needs to know, and teachers should encourage students to "interrogate" Web sites even as they are reading. Guiding questions as they work through these activities should be: What did you learn from this source? What didn't you learn from this source? Who sponsors this source? What bias might the sponsor have?

    FRONTLINE "The House of Saud"
    The companion Web site to the documentary includes: a chronology of the Kingdom's recent history, including significant events in the U.S. - Saudi relationship; a family tree that includes profiles of recent al-Saud kings, and interviews with key members of the al-Saud monarchy and Saudi historians, activists and religious leaders, as well as U.S. and British diplomats.

    FRONTLINE Teacher Center: "The Roots of Terror" Teacher's Guide
    Middle East Map with Labels: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/teach/terror/art/b4_middleeast.gif
    Blank Middle East Map: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/teach/terror/art/b4_middleeast_blank.gif

    Daryl Cagles' Pro Cartoonist Index Home Page
    This site has an excellent collection of editorial cartoons. It includes a guide for teachers and an index to search for cartoons by topic, artist and publisher.

    Secrets of the Royal Family
    This ABC News article describes the lavish lifestyles of the Saudi royal family and documents the inability of U.S. and French law enforcement authorities to prosecute their criminal activity.

    Global Connections
    Created by The Outreach Center at Harvard University's Center for Middle Eastern Studies and WGBH, this Web site helps "put world events in context". Type "Saudi Arabia" into the search box to find a broad range of information and resources for teachers.

    Al Jazeera
    The companion Web site to the Al Jazeera television network offers its audiences in the Arab world "much needed freedom of thought, independence and room for debate". News, commentary and analysis on the site are from an Arab perspective.

    Islam Today Web site
    This is one of many fatwa Archives and contains information on fatwas about many aspects of Islamic life.

    Arab News
    This article illustrates how Muslims interpret fatwas. It was written by Prince Amr al-Faisal, one of the Saudi princes that FRONTLINE interviewed for this program.

    Time Magazine: Wahhabism: Toxic Faith?
    This article looks at the role of Wahhabism in the cultural and political life of Saudi Arabia.

    Time Magazine: Can We Trust Saudi Arabia?
    This article looks at the ability of Saudi Arabia to stop terrorism and the importance of Wahhabism in their government.

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