Student Handout 2

Best/Worst Case Scenarios

Your task is to evaluate the following policy options for the United States to pursue with Iran. What is the best-case scenario(s) and the worst-case scenario(s) per policy option? Be realistic in your predictions and consider the current hostility between the United States and Iran, the conflicts in the Middle East region and any other relevant realities. After you evaluate each option, select the policy option your group thinks the U.S. should pursue.

OptionsBest Case Scenario(s)Worst Case Scenario(s)
- with whom?
- mandatory preconditions?
Economic Sanctions:
- unilateral?
- multilateral?

Regime Change:
- how can the U.S. gain support in Iran?
- from where should the U.S. obtain intelligence for this?
Preventive Air Strikes

Acceptance of Iran as a nuclear power