The Storm

Student Timeline Worksheet: Group One

"Hurricane Katrina and the Blame Game"

Your group will be covering a portion of the timeline "Katrina: What Happened When" and answering questions based on the reading. Your job is to analyze how events or individuals might have been responsible for the poor response to Hurricane Katrina. You will be reporting your findings to the class.

Group One (July 23, 2005 - Aug. 28, 2005):

  1. Read the summaries of the articles that cover your time period at: http://www.factcheck.org/article348.html. As a group, decide what criticism might be made of the actions of the following people:
    • New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin
    • President George W. Bush
  2. Read the article found at: http://www.ohsep.louisiana.gov/newsrelated/incaseofemrgencyexercise.htm. As a group, answer the following questions:
    • Who participated in Hurricane Pam?
    • What was the purpose of this exercise?
    • What major issues or problems were identified?
    • What impact did officials think this hurricane would have on New Orleans?
    • What was done with the information that was learned from Hurricane Pam?
  3. Using information from your reading, take a stand on whom you would blame for the poor response to Hurricane Katrina. Explain your answer and provide supporting information.
  4. Using supporting information, organize a short presentation that covers your group's findings on who is to blame for the devastation. Include a recommendation on how this problem could be avoided in the future. Summarize what you will be presenting here.